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Can you recommend a reissue of the McKinney's Cotton Pickers recordings of which you speak? I'm 

-- Tom Fine

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> On 10/02/2013, Tom Fine wrote:
>> BTW, anyone who thinks ANY analog recording chain was "transparent" or
>> output equalled input has tin ears or is in denial. All sorts of
>> things happen with disk recording and even with the best tape
>> recorders, and both media are far from "silent" or "transparent."
>> Eye-opening at ARSC Rochester was Nick Bergh's demonstration of how
>> good the audio was going to a Victor cutterhead in the 1930s. Find me
>> a pressed 78 or even most laquers or metal parts from that era that
>> have that kind of fidelity.
> Lots of distortion in the cutter, and more in the pickup cartridge.
> But even so, a well made transfer from a clean copy of a 1930-ish Victor
> can be remarkably good. There is a real impression of live musicians
> playing together in a well-defined space.
> For example, the first recording session of McKinney's Cotton Pickers in
> July 1928. These have the same punch and immediacy as Mercury recordings
> from 30 years later.
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