Billboard Aug 28, 1943
Texas Mary Wins Out
  Texas Mary, Western Ballad thrush at
Radio station KFAB, Lincoln, Neb. is
back daily plucking her guitar after a
gallant battle with a dread bone disease.
Texas Mary made 17 trips to the hospital
and underwent 13 operations at the Mayo
Clinic, Rochester, Minn. in her fight
for health that finally returned.  The
flood of mail, flowers and candy from
KFAB fans that followed her caused her
doctors to ask if she came from Holly-
wood.  She does a 15-minute broadcast
daily and has been with the station five

Billboard Year Book 1944
Radio Commercials
Lincoln Nebraska  KFAB  Texas Mary   Dwargies Corp.

Billboard Sep 8, 1945
  At the Cass County Fair, Weeping
Water, Neb., artists from KFAB, Lincoln,
Neb., packed the grandstand afternoon
and night August 24. Talent including
Lily Pickins, Bailey and Sue, Perry
Douthit,Three Ofa Kind, Lois and Joe,
Bob Walters, Janice Dudley, Norma Joy
Cook, the Prairie Maids, Texas Mary,
Dick Wait, Lyle Bremser and the KFAB
Polka Band.

Billboard Nov 16, 1946
  Eddie Sosby and the Radio Rangers
are doing good on KFAB, Lincoln,
Neb., being on the air for three pro-
grams a day, with two of them spon-
sored.  Texas Mary, singing cowgirl
at the station has been making per-
sonals with the band in Nebraska,
Iowa and Kansas, and the act has
been drawing well.

Billboard Oct 30, 1948
  Eddie Sosby, leader of the Radio Rangers at KFAB, Lincoln, Neb.,
has turned over several songs to Hill & Range and three to Country
Music.  Sosby plans a folk music park operation next season, after
several experiments at one-night stands in his locality.  His newest
show is HI, NEIGHBOR!, a 45-minute airer which he emsees, with his
Radio Rangers, Texas Mary, Alene McKinney, the Melody Masters and
the Uptowners also on tap.

Sosby recorded for FIDELITY, MELODY TRAIL, 4-STAR, SULLIVAN (1947-1952), but no
indication that Texas Mary was on any of those discs.

Best wishes, Thomas.

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I'm trying to locate recordings made by Mary Marisch, aka "Texas Mary," a Country/Western singer from Nebraska. These would have
been probably mid-20th Century. Any leads would be appreciated. Feel free to contact me off-list.



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