Thanks, Tom. Is there going to be a complete listing of the set's contents at some point, somewhere?

  Don Tait




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this is a good description/marketing video for the new box set. Non-US release 
will be in April, USA 
in May. 55-CD box. Pricing should be in line with the previous box (about $2 per 
disc). New 6-LP 
collector box will be released soon after the CD box. Manufacturing numbers will 
be about the same 
as last time, so availability will likely be about the same -- somewhere less 
than a year before 
they're all gone. UMG/Decca did a really nice job on this one. The first box was 
very successful and 
they came back and raised the bar on the second one rather than stick to the 
exact same thing. 
Between the two boxes, all but a handful of the original CDs have been brought 
back into print 

-- Tom Fine