I don't want to play the numbers game either, but the translation of the
Japanese Tower listing shows only two 2-disc sets, not three.  So the 55
disc box has 53 "releases" not 52.  So 47 + 53 is an even 100, BUT how
many of these in Box 2 were not on the original 125 jewel box releases? 
Can Stewart give us the URL of the listing he is using from which he got
that number?  

I must say that in some instances I like the second box even better than
the first, but I do want to know what we are still missing from those
that have already been released individually.  I suppose that Stewart's
list could be used for that.  

Tom -- are there some of the non-issued things, such as the monos, that
might have been transferred and could be used in a third box more
easily. Can we put in requests??  There are some of the modern Americana
that would be good, and the mono 1812 is a must.  Is there a producer to
contact?  An address?  All we consumers are told is "Made in the E.C." 
It is rather pre-matureto contact just now because the need to first
know how the second box is selling.

One final question. The photo of box one shows two booklets, one with
Japanese writing at the bottom.  My copy -- sealed from ArkivMusic --
does not have that one.  Does that one have anything the English one

Mike Biel [log in to unmask]  

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Date: Fri, February 15, 2013 6:35 pm
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Hi Stewart:

Ok, you ran the numbers. What that proves, I don't know. I don't have a
dog in this "fight."

I'd love to see the rest of the original CD titles brought back into
print, so I think we want the 
same thing? About the only thing you can "do" is contact UMG/Decca
Classics and let your feelings be 

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] New MLP box set promo video now on YouTube

Dear Mr Fine,

I'm really sorry to disagree with you but I must. The first box set
contains 50 CDs, *3 of which are 
the second disc of a single, double disc release (ex: Nutcracker, Civil
War, Bach)* That makes 47 
actual releases.

If you look at the actual listing that was placed on the internet, they
list them by release *not* 
by disc. There are 52 releases, some being multidisc).

According to a web site I found that lists *every CD release of the
series made, there were 125 
total number of releases, some multidisc.

47 + 52 = 99

125 - 99 = 26

26/125 = 0.208 = 20.8% still to be released.

One doesn't just buy one disc of The Nutcracker. It was not sold that
way, was it, or am I wrong in 


On Feb 15, 2013, at 3:18 AM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]>

> That's not correct. The first box set included 50 CDs plus 1 bonus CD (an interview my mother did 
> to promote the release of the Kubelik mono CDs). The second box set will contain 53 CDs plus two 
> bonus discs -- a new remaster of the mono Rite of Spring (Dorati/Minneapolis) and a first-ever 
> issue on CD of the Corigliano Piano Concerto premiere recording (Hilde Somer / Alessandro / San 
> Antonio). So it's less than 21% not put back in print, but it's more than 10 titles. Good news, 
> time to plan out a 3rd box set!
> -- Tom Fine
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> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] New MLP box set promo video now on YouTube
> According to an internet search, there were 125 CD releases (not counting 2 samplers and 7 multi 
> set re-reissue compilations).
> The first box release contained 47, the second box, 52.
> That leaves 26, or about 21% of the entire series yet unre-releassed.
> DrG
> On Feb 14, 2013, at 5:44 PM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Hi Randy:
>> First, to answer Ben Roth's question -- no overlap between the two sets. Volume 2 is 53 more MLP 
>> CDs originally released as single discs (and a few 2CDs) in the 1990s.
>> As to your question, off the top of my head I can name two three CD titles not in either box set:
>> 1. Dorati's Brahms symphony cycle (2CD)
>> 2. Adam "Giselle" (2CD)
>> 3. Fennell conducts Gershwin and Porter pops tunes
>> I think that the Paray Schumann symphonies is also not included in either set.
>> -- Tom Fine
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>> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] New MLP box set promo video now on YouTube
>>> Yes, this volume 2. Get this one too and you'll have almost all of the
>>> content of the offical MLP CDs issued by Philips under the direction of WCF.
>>> I am curious if Tom can tell us what is not contained in the 2 sets that
>>> makes the completeness just an "almost all".
>>> On Thursday, February 14, 2013, James Roth wrote:
>>>> Hello all,
>>>> Is this a different box set from the one I bought about 3 months ago?
>>>> At the end of the Youtube video there's a big, red numeral 2 behind the
>>>> letter R of COLLECTOR'S.
>>>> What does that indicate?
>>>> Ben Roth
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>>>> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] New MLP box set promo video now on YouTube
>>>> Thanks, Tom. Is there going to be a complete listing of the set's
>>>> contents at some point, somewhere?
>>>> Don Tait
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>>>> Subject: [ARSCLIST] New MLP box set promo video now on YouTube
>>>> MLP Boxset 1080p FULL<>
>>>> this is a good description/marketing video for the new box set. Non-US
>>>> release will be in April, USA in May. 55-CD box. Pricing should be in line
>>>> with the previous box (about $2 per disc). New 6-LP collector box will be
>>>> released soon after the CD box. Manufacturing numbers will be about the
>>>> same as last time, so availability will likely be about the same --
>>>> somewhere less than a year before they're all gone. UMG/Decca did a really
>>>> nice job on this one. The first box was very successful and they came back
>>>> and raised the bar on the second one rather than stick to the exact same
>>>> thing.
>>>> Between the two boxes, all but a handful of the original CDs have been
>>>> brought back into print (temporarily).
>>>> -- Tom Fine