Get those programmers busy Mac!  Of course, this is not the full
record that would be needed to reconstitute a library's ILS should it
go down, but they should be able to get that directly from OCLC,
assuming that they are customers of that utility.  In fact, they would
have to do that unless you were maintaining a file of at least OCLC
bib record identifiers (OCLC numbers) for each customer.  That would
mean that the customer would have to maintain holdings both in OCLC
and with SLC (keeping track of adds and deletes), something that many
of us can't manage with just OCLC itself.

The last URL provided in Jeff Young's message is what gives me hope
for the future, as each of these headings (OK, "access points") is
represented by a static link to VIAF, to LC, to Dewey, and to
WorldCat.  That is what will eventually enable us to maintain our
subjects and names in real time using authority data that is
elsewhere.  Now, if we could just link our full serial and e-resource
records to static links that would refresh ceased and continuation
titles, URLs, publishers, etc. we would be in business!


On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 2:23 PM, Young,Jeff (OR) <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Here's how to link to OCLC's Linked Data:
> OCLC coins an http URI for a book such as:
> Anyone can link to these URIs, just like anyone can link to anything
> else on the Web.
> This book's http URI does a 303 (See Other) redirect to information
> we've collected about that book:
> The information being displayed is available under an ODC-By license as
> described here:
> A raw data view can be scraped out of the HTML/RDFa using a variety of
> tools and services such as:
> 2Foclc%2F136259
> Jeff
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>> Charles said:
>> >since we are talking about revenue streams here.  At the root of this
>> >question is the question of how they are prepping themselves for a
>> >world of linked data in which libraries link back to LC, NLM, NAL,
>> >Getty, OCLC, BL, or LAC rather than to the vendors?
>> Unless OCLC changes its policies, vendors can not function in such a
>> bibliographic world.
>> OCLC policy does not allow vendors to retain copies of records created
>> on or downloaded from OCLC.  This is impossible for SLC, since we need
>> the records to add copies and volumes, or replace the database for
>> system migration (when the current ILS can't do MARC out), or in the
>> case of systems crash.
>> How could non OCLC libraries, as well as vendors, link to OCLC data?
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