And to underline Mac's discomfort over the vocabulary (i.e. the term 
"collation"), many of us cataloguers interpret "collation" and the 
description of the physical characteristics of a volume.  One may say 
"you'll get used to this," but lately I've been reading a discussion thread 
in the rare materials field where the expression of the correct (complex) 
collation of an early printed volume is being considered.

Hal Cain
Melbourne, Australia
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I think this is a key insight. RDF vocabularies are a balancing act between 
denotation and connotation. There is no way to make everyone happy, but 
because the vocabulary is bound to http URIs, you can at least explain the 
intention discoverable using standard Web mechanisms like browsers. 


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> Thomas Berger said:
>> RAK ยง 822 is located in section 9. something of the rules, dealing with
>> collation (filing rules). ...
> The thing which disturbs me most about moving from MARC numbers to
> Bibframe English word markup, is the ambiguity of language.
> From serving as the pastor of small Black rural churches, "collation"
> will always mean to me the buffet at a social gathering.  This may
> seem a silly ambiguity, but more serious ones abound.