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Amy Gonigam, Assistant Librarian

Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD USA




Acta Astronomica

  1993 v.43 #4


  2011 #41-43

The Astrophysical Journal

  1999 v.525 #1C AAS Centennial Issue                             

Atrophysics and Space Science

  2002 v.279 #1/2

Aviation Week & Space Technology

  2011 v.173 #1-39, 41-45

Communications in Asteroseismology

  2006 v.147

  2008 v.153



Electronic Design

  2011 v.59

Harvard Business Review

  2011 v.89


  2012 v.57 #8,9

  2012 Kalender

IEEE Spectrum

  2011 v.48

Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest

  2011 v.29 #4, v.30 #1-3

Journal of Astronomical Data (CD)

  2005 v.11

Journal of Astrophysics & Astronomy

  2011 v.32 #3


  2011 v. 5

  2012 v. 6 #7-10


  2011 v.28

New Scientist

  2011 v.209-212 #2794-2845 (except v.212 #2841)

  2012 v.214 #2862

Optics & Photonics News

  1997 v. 8 bound

  1998 v. 9 bound

  1999 v.10 bound

  2000 v.11 bound

  2001 v.12 bound

  2002 v.13 bound

  2003 v.14 bound

  2004 v.15 #1-9,11-12

  2005 v.16 bound

  2006 v.17

  2007 v.18 #1-6,9-12

  2008 v.19

  2009 v.20 #1-2,4

  2011 v.22

Physics Teacher

  2011 v.49

Physics Today

  2011 v.64 #12

  2012 v.65 #1-9

Proceedings of the IEEE

  2011 v.99

Project Management Journal

  2011 v.42


  2011 v.333 #6051

  2012 v.335 #6068

  2012 V.336 #6086

  2012 v.337 #6095

  2012 v.338 #6113

Skeptical Inquirer

  2011 v.35


  2012 v.54 #3-4

SQL Server Pro

  2011 v.13

  2012 v.14 #1-4

Windows IT Pro

  2011 v.17

  2012 v.18 #1-3


  2011 v.19





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