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The Library of Congress and the Institute of Museum and Library Services are pleased to announce the official open call for applications for the first National Digital Stewardship Residency (NDSR). From today until April 5, 2013, applicants can log onto the application portal at<> and apply to be a part of NDSR's inaugural class.

The NDSR program will allow 10 recent master's program graduates in relevant fields to complete a nine-month residency at various institutions in the Washington, D.C. area. Beginning in September 2013, accepted residents will attend an intensive two-week digital stewardship workshop at the Library of Congress. Thereafter, residents will move to a host institution to work on significant digital stewardship projects. These projects will allow them to acquire hands-on knowledge and skills involving the collection, selection, management, long-term preservation, and accessibility of digital assets.

The Smithsonian Institution Archives, the World Bank, the Library of Congress, and the Public Broadcasting Service are just a few of the renowned institutions that will host the founding NDSR class. Each of these institutions submitted challenging project proposals that can be viewed on the NDSR website<>. Application requirements include a detailed resume and cover letter, undergraduate and graduate transcripts, three letters of recommendation, and a creative video that defines an applicant's interest in the program.

"The video requirement in the application process will help the selection panel identify which candidates are truly passionate about digital preservation" explained George Coulbourne, Library of Congress OSI executive program officer.

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The National Digital Stewardship Residency application is now open!  The Institute for Museum and Library Services and the Library of Congress have created a new residency program designed to prepare recent graduates for the professional world of digital stewardship.  Accepted residents will receive two weeks of digital stewardship training at the Library of Congress and then transition into the field to work at one of the ten D.C. host institutions. Current host institutions include the Smithsonian Institution Archives, the National Library of Medicine, the Association of Research Libraries, and the World Bank.  The residency is a paid position from September 2013 to May 2014, and is open to recent master's graduates with strong interest in digital content and long-term preservation. Please follow the link to read the host institution proposals and the application instructions.<>


Application now opens for NDSR! 9-month PAID residency in Washington D.C. on digital stewardship by Library of Congress and IMLS.

Recent MLIS graduate? Start your career in digital preservation in D.C.'s top institutions with NDSR, by Library of Congress and IMLS.

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