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Ans: Taschenbuch fur Chemiker und Physiker.  1949.  1 volume

Seidell: Solubilities of inorganic and metal organic compounds.  3rd ed, 1940.  Volume 2 only

Linke: solubilities, inorganic and metal-organic compounds : a compilation of solubility data from the periodical literature.  4th ed., 1958-1965.  2 volumes

Huntress: A brief introduction to the use of Beilstein's Handbuch der organischen Chemie.  2nd ed., rev.  1938.  1 volume

SOCMA handbook : commercial organic chemical names.  ACS.   1965.  1 volume

Handbuch der Pflanzenphysiologie,  1955-.  22 volumes.

Medical careers planning : a comprehensive guidance manual on world-wide opportunities for education, training, employment, and financial assistance in all fields of medicine and allied health professions.  1975.  1 volume

American medical directory : directory of physicians in the United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, certain Pacific islands and U.S. physicians temporarily located in foreign countries.  30th ed.  1986.  4 volumes

Walters: Bibliography of bioethics.  1975-1979.  5 volumes

Directory of medical schools worldwide.  5th ed.  c1991.   1 volume

Medical device register, 1991 : the official directory of medical suppliers.  1990.  3 volumes + supplement

Standard medical almanac.  2nd ed.  1979.  1 volume

Eurohealth handbook.  1982.  1 volume

Soviet medicine: a bibliography of bibliographies.  1973.  1 volume

Gradwohl's Clinical laboratory methods and diagnosis : a text book on laboratory procedures and their interpretation.  7th ed.  1970.  2 volumes

Toxic and hazardous industrial chemicals safety manual for handling and disposal with toxicity and hazard data.  1981.  1 volume

Analytical abstracts.  1954-1971.

British Food Manufacturing Industries Research Association: Abstracts from current scientific and technical literature, 1956-1967.

Dairy science abstracts.  1939/1940 - 1967.

Excerpta medica, section 4, medical microbiology and hygiene - 1948-1954.

Excerpta medica, section 4, medical microbiology, immunology and serology.  1955-1967.

Excerpta medica, section 4, microbiology, bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology.  1968-1970.

Excerpta medica, section 4, microbiology, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology.  1971-1972.

Nutrition abstracts & reviews.  1931/1932 - 1968.

Psychological abstracts.  1927-1971.

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