> the Library of Congress has developed MODS/RDF
Thanks for that! It will be VERY interesting to read!

I have not read all these examples, yet. Nonetheless, I wonder why the 
mods files have an "xml" file name extension and are sent with the 
application/xml Content-Type HTTP response header. According to edited by Ray, the suggested 
file name extension is .mods and the suggested media type is 
application/mods+xml for mods files.

Furthermore, the rdf files are send with the text/plain Content-Type HTTP response header whereas suggests application/rdf+xml as a media type.

What are the reasons for these unexpected choices?

I also noticed that does not comply with the recommendation described at which reads:

> "If specifying a foreground color, always specify a background color as well (and vice versa)"
In some circumstances, this is highly significant for readability.

I hope this helps!