We're hoping for some clarification about the order of subfields in RDA NARs for personal names. Is it correct that subfield $c follows subfield $d for cataloger additions--occupation terms and also "Spirit"--that are recorded in parentheses but that subfield $c precedes $d when we record terms considered part of the name (such as Jr. or III) or associated titles (such as Countess), or--in the near future--terms of address, honor, office, and rank (such as Sir, Captain, Rev.)? In other words, does $c comes after $d when it contains parentheses but before $d when it does not?

Here's a real-live example: We are updating and recoding NAR no2009160736 (Roberts, Ian, $c actor). The year of birth is known (1952) but another individual is already using the heading Roberts, Ian, $d 1952. Which of these is correct?
    Roberts, Ian, $d 1952- $c (Actor)
    Roberts, Ian $c (Actor), $d 1952-
Or is it better not to record the date in the 100 field at all (in violation of the LC-PCC PS at and leave the heading with the unique string
Roberts, Ian $c (Actor)? After all, that's what the Phase 2 program would do...


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