You’re absolutely right to want this!


An ALA subcommittee is working on revisions to RDA Appendix K, greatly expanding the possible relationship designators. The proposal includes family terms such as brother and sister. “Apprentice” is also one of the proposed new terms. I hope the revision proposal will be completed and accepted and become part of RDA before too long.


Additions to any of the relationship designator appendices can also be made via the “fast track” process, I believe by contacting your JSC representative (I think that’s the process in place so far).




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Is there a way to show related personal names or families in our RDA authority records?  


I have a printmaker to establish who apprenticed with a famous printmaker and it would be so nice to have in a field other than the 670.

Just one of so many possibilities.


If someone is a member of a famous family, a brother or sister, an expert on a famous artist, musician, etc.  


Is there a way to do this?





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