This should have been qualified with (Rapper or Rap musician) to begin with.  (It’s my record, so I can say what I want about it!)  However, if he can now be considered “entrepreneur, investor and actor” as well, then my third alternative below is probably the best one. The first version of the AR looked like this:


010  no2003002159

040  PPi-MA ǂb eng ǂc PPi-MA

1000 50 Cent ǂc (Musician)

4000 Fifty Cent ǂc (Musician)

4001 Jackson, C. ǂq (Curtis)

4001 Jackson, Curtis

670  Music from and inspired by the motion picture 8 mile [SR] p2002: ǂb container (50 Cent) insert (C. Jackson)

670  All music guide WWW site, Jan. 8, 2003 ǂb (50 Cent; b. Curtis Jackson, Queens, NY; rapper)

670  OCLC database, Jan. 8, 2003 ǂb (hdgs.: 50 Cent (Musician); 50 Cent, rapper)


     More worrisome is what to do in upgrading this to RDA.  There are almost too many possibilities:


50 Cent ǂc (Rapper)

50 Cent ǂc (Rapper), ǂd 1975-

50 Cent, ǂd 1975-


     I think we’ve established, mainly though Richard Moore’s thoughtful statements, that $c would precede $d.  But the question remains: with a birth date clearly identifying “50 Cent” as a person, is the additional of Occupation even necessary:


010  no 00088820

040  RPB-M ǂb eng ǂc RPB-M ǂd PPi-MA ǂd DLC ǂe rda ǂd ICrlF

046  ǂf 1971

1000 Chali 2na, ǂd 1971-

372  Music industry

373  Jurassic 5

374  Rapper

375  male

377  eng

4000 Chali2na, ǂd 1971-

4001 2na, Chali

4000 Chali2na ǂc (Musician)

4001 Stewart, Charles, ǂd 1971-

4001 Tuna, Charlie

4000 Chali 2na ǂc (Musician) ǂw nnea


I haven’t been consistent myself.  I’d like to be, going forward at least. 


Chuck Herrold

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Should 50 Cent be qualified by (Rapper) rather than by (Musician)?  Wikipedia lists 50 Cent as being a rapper, entrepreneur, investor and actor.  (My staff have been debating this for the last 15 minutes.)


Are these qualifications up for discussion? 



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Herrold, Charles <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

   I’ve done one somewhat like this—not very tidy—and perhaps incorrectly:


1000 KJ-52 ǂc (Rapper), ǂd 1975-  [changed from KJ52 (Rapper)]

A question on this point came up during our RDA in NACO training in November.  Here's the question I posed to Paul Frank along with his response:

5. Additions made to names that do not evoke "person-ness": since LC-PCC PS asks for birth/death dates in personal name access points regardless of conflict, it seems this is also expected for those names that require Profession/Occupation element data to clarify the person-ness of someone (RDA  Following this, we would then have:

 100 0- 50 Cent $c (Musician), $d 1975-

Is this correct?

PF: Yes, this is correct.

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