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Hi Michelle,

So this was the response from Gary. Now I’ll try to find his original email and send it to you! J

Thanks for keeping me informed about name authorities. I love this stuff, and am excited about the new possibilities for harvesting data for names.




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We download the (large) XML files (ULAN, TGN and AAT) from Getty, convert them into MARC, and run the MARC files through our authority loader program.


In our current Voyager configuration, we have a number of separate databases; each database has its own authority file.  Because the Getty headings are intended to be applied only to bibliographic records in the database for the Visual Materials Collection (under an earlier technology, this was called the "slide library" but it's now digital), the Getty records reside in the authority database for the VMC.  So right now things are pretty straightforward.  (Whether this simplicity will reign in the next library system is currently a matter for speculation.)


Each Getty record has a unique identifier, which we preserve in an 035 field of the MARC record, so matching up records for updates is no different than, say, dealing with MeSH records.


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This is actually amazing. Are you pulling in the ULAN from Getty and merging into your local authority file, or is it a separate file (I am not sure about Voyager's architecture)?  


How are you doing matching, is there some sort of set of keys that relates ULAN identifiers to LCCN identifiers?