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OCLC has a PCC record for the published version of a dissertation.† The record has a 240 with the title of a dissertation, and a 245 with the published title.† Does this sound right?† I thought maybe using a 700 field with a $i for the author/title of the dissertation might be better.†† Iíve never seen this approach before and would like some advice.

My speculation: this is based on a change under RDA:

AACR2 25.2B: Do not use a uniform title for a manifestation of a work in the same language that is a revision or updating of the original work. Relate editions not connected by uniform titles by giving the title of the earlier edition in a note in the entry for the later edition (see 1.7B7, 2.7B7, etc.) and by making an added entry as appropriate (see 21.30G).

RDA If the work is presented simply as an edition of the previously existing work, treat it as an expression of that work. Use the authorized access point representing the previously existing work [as main entry]. If it is considered important to identify the particular expression, construct an authorized access point representing the expression as instructed at 6.27.3.

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