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   I’ve done one somewhat like this—not very tidy—and perhaps incorrectly:


1000 KJ-52 ǂc (Rapper), ǂd 1975-  [changed from KJ52 (Rapper)]

A question on this point came up during our RDA in NACO training in November.  Here's the question I posed to Paul Frank along with his response:

5. Additions made to names that do not evoke "person-ness": since LC-PCC PS asks for birth/death dates in personal name access points regardless of conflict, it seems this is also expected for those names that require Profession/Occupation element data to clarify the person-ness of someone (RDA  Following this, we would then have:

 100 0- 50 Cent $c (Musician), $d 1975-

Is this correct?

PF: Yes, this is correct.

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