Thanks for this Jörg

While obviously plans to align bibframe elements to other RDF ontologies would be welcome, I'd be very interested to understand that arguments against simply adopting existing vocabularies where they exist?


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From my understanding, there will be a process of "alignment" of Bibframe elements to other RDF elements. In the current phase of early Bibframe developement, I assume the focus is still on creating native Bibframe elements and vocabulary.

There have been some work closely related to Bibframe

- the W3C provenance incubator group charter
- ONIX for Marc21 and for RDA (ONIX in RDF still ongoing work?)
- EAD to Europeana Data Model RDF
- ...

The results would be very interesting to see them aligned to Bibframe elements.

A wider perspective would be aligning the DataCite RDF to Bibframe. This would exceed the traditional MARC scope and would reveal the power of RDF by integrating research data environments seamlessly with Bibframe'd library catalog metadata.

Also expanding the view to publisher activities is helpful to get some impressions for what could be done if there was Bibframe-powered data. I saw for an experience of a publisher when traveling a market-driven path using RDF on XML-based metadata.