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The reason why you van't find documentation on this is that <perferredForm> only refers to a nameEntry within nameEntryParallel whereas authorizedForm refers either to a nameEntryParallel as a whole or a nameEntry that is not a part of a nameEntryParallel. Hope that makes sense?

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Have read through the literature and failed to find documentation or an example for the following:  Can you encode the same <nameEntry> as both the <preferredform> and the <authorizedForm>, or must you repeat the same <nameEntry> to provide this declaration? Also can anyone provide a suggestion for the transliteration attribute value? See second <nameEntry> in example below.

      <nameEntry xml:lang="eng" scriptCode="Latn">

              <part>Der Nersessian, Sirarpie</part>
              <authorizedForm>Library of Congress Name Authority File</authorizedForm>

      <nameEntry xml:lang="arm" scriptCode="Latn" transliteration="?">

              <part>Ter-Nersesian, Sirarp'i Veronik'</part>

              <authorizedForm>National Library of the Netherlands</authorizedForm>


Thanks for the help!

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