A couple years ago I submitted a stylesheet to do that to the EAD Help Pages. These have been shifted to the roundtable's github site:†http://saa-ead-roundtable.github.com/ead-stylesheets/. Looks like you have to download everything at once. It's this one: "UNC_findingaid_functionality: collapsible sections; quick links; etc"

If you have a problem, try replacing angly brackets with†entity†references. I recall a couple folks contacting me about not getting it to work quite right and it was a question of one angle bracket that needed an entity reference. But I'm not sure if that was for the†collapsible†sections or a different functionality so it might be fine.

If you want to see an example of the collapsing, look at UNC's finding aids:†http://www.lib.unc.edu/mss/inv/l/Latin_American_Women's_Textiles_in_North_Carolina.html

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Hello collective wisdom,

Iím trying to add to my finding aids the ability to expand/collapse series-, subseries-, and file-level elements in the container list once the finding aid has been transformed into HTML. Can anyone tell me the simplest way to do this using my XSL stylesheet?


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