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I’d suggest trying out Google Refine (now Open Refine): https://code.google.com/p/google-refine/.  The following slideshare offers some details about my own process, some of which I have since, well, refined:  http://www.slideshare.net/steganogram/approaching-authority-a-preliminary-implementation-of-encoded-archival-context-eaccpf-at-east-carolina-university


Additionally, now that OCLC is adding VIAF numbers to Wikipedia entries, some of those VIAF IDs might be even easier to get at since everything in DBpedia should presumably wind up in the Freebase database, too (the only importance there is that the Freebase database was very tightly integrated into G. Refine, so it made those queries and responses even easier to implement pretty quickly).






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I am working with a collection of extremist material and from an inventory of the collection I have a list of about 30,000 organization names. I am trying to figure out some sort of way to batch search the organization names I have against an authority file like LoC or VIAF. I am wondering if anyone out there has done anything like this or knows if there is a tool that I could use to help me. I am going to be creating EAC-CPF records for these organizations, but knowing which of them have an authority record would be a great start. 




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