Just a few friendly reminders to keep in mind when you are posting to the FEDLIB listserv...
1.  Please include your email address in either the text of the message or at least your signature line.  When you post and your message is approved, the listserv often wipes the email address of the sender... you must include it in the message or replies come back to the listserv for approval/posting.
2.  Please be diligent about "reply" or "reply all".  I handle at least 10-15 responses a day that are intended for a particular posting... but are sent to the listserv instead.  Most of the time I catch them and either forward them to the intended recipient or at least ask you to resend it, but it does take up quite a bit of time.
3.  If you accidentally post something that you do NOT want to go out - please send a message to [log in to unmask] asking that it not be posted.  There is a better chance that I will get that message before it is posted than if you just send another note to [log in to unmask] .
3.  FEDLIB policy is that we do NOT post advertisements for non-FEDLINK vendors.  There is occasionally a message from a vendor or association that may be doing a program co-sponsored by FEDLINK, in that case we do advertise - but as a rule of thumb, we do not.
4.  In an effort to minimize the number of "distribution list" emails that are being posted, please combine all your lists together and send them out with an attached excel/word document.  We are happy to post them for you, but for the sake of all those who are the listserv, please try to send larger lists/fewer emails.
Thank you for your attention to these matters,
Holly Kerwin
FEDLIB Moderator