I'm wondering how to represent $0 (zero) in MODS, e.g.:

  100 1# $aTrollope, Anthony,$d1815-1882.$0(isni)1234567899999799

The LoC MARC to MODS3.4 XSLT seems to mostly ignore the $0, apart
for the 648, whence it does the following (this is a very contrived example
just created to see what the stylesheet would do with a $0):

  648 #7 $a1800-1899$2fast$0(isni)1234567899999799

  <subject xmlns:xlink="" authority="fast" xlink:href="(isni)1234567899999799">

I.e. it's just dumping the $0 into an xlink:href.

The MARC to MODS conversion guidelines on the MODS website say of the 100 $0:

  add xlink="contents of $0" (as URI)

Which seems to be what the MARC to MODS stylesheet is literally doing. But I don't
know what the "(as URI)" comment means. Does it mean the $0 should be converted to
a URI -- this would seem sensible if we are putting it in an xlink:href attribute.

Would converting the 100 $0 to something like the following be a
better overall solution:

  <name authorityURI=""

Would a general solution to "what should I do with the $0" be: where possible convert
them to urls and add authorityURI and valueURI attributes to the MODS element?


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