On 14/04/2013, Peter Hirsch wrote:

> I seem to recall the discussion of decent quality portable digital
> (audio) recorders on this list a year or three back.
> Can I get suggestions from out there for something pocket sized that
> costs up to $250 (or so) that I can use at those moments when I am
> saying to myself "I wish I had something to record that (birdcalls,
> subway musicians, environmental sounds, etc. - I'm not talking super
> hi-fidelity concert recording) with".
> "No smart phones need apply"
Zoom 4Hn

The only fault of this device is short battery life. It takes standard
AA batteries.

It certainly does good birdsong in clear stereo.

Whether you think it is pocket size depends on your pockets. It will
go in most coat pockets.

Don Cox
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