Apologies for cross-posting.  I sent this question to the 78-L list also.
Dear ARSC:

I have a series of 12" records that I would like to date. I believe that
they were made in 1913 or 1914. I have matrix numbers, but the manufacturer
is not listed on the label.

To be most accurate, I think that the numbers below are matrix
numbers....the number printed on the label and the number inscribed on the
disc match. Etched on the disc, there is an additional number, separated
from the other number by a hyphen, which I believe to be the "take", i.e.

Is there a discography that would tell me the manufacturer, the age, and
hopefully the recording dates, of these discs?

Matrix 16532 - 16579

Matrix 16682 - 16685

These are a series of recorded lectures entitled "The Photo-Drama of

Any help would be most appreciated.

Eric Hollis