My handheld Realistic has been a good performer for more than twenty years
but it does consume batteries rapaciously.


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> Hi, Shai,
> Maybe you had better luck with these than I did. I looked at one a while
> ago and I bought a used mini/micro transcriber (I think Dictaphone) and
> other than not working well, the hum level was higher than I'd like on it.
> Since the machine was pretty annoying on many levels, I did not try adding
> capacitors or a filtered supply. I think I still have it. The nice thing is
> that it also attempted to do mini-cassettes (which are rim-drive
> (capstanless)) but I found the speed to be as annoying as running them on a
> capstan was just different. Fortunately, Elastic Audio in
> Samplitude lets me fix the speed fairly quickly. One of the unique features
> in Diamond Cut audio software (one of the reasons I keep it around) is it
> has a spline-curve speed trajectory program that's pretty good for these
> things, though the hassle of chaning DAWs for the project usually has me
> fixing it in Elastic Audio.
> To that end, when I have not pulled the tape out, I have an Olympus and a
> Realistic (Radio Shack) hand-held and both sound as good or better than the
> transcriber. Neither sound as good as the Dragon (but we're not surprised).
> The handhelds are more than adequate, however, and since they're running
> off batteries then there is little chance of hum (except picking it up
> through the repro head).
> Cheers,
> Richard
> On 2013-04-20 2:33 PM, Shai Drori wrote:
>> Hi Tyra
>> Here are some options on eBay right now.
>> Shai
>> Dictation-Machine-With-Foot-**Pedal-/360638716662?pt=LH_**
>> DefaultDomain_0&hash=**item53f7be1af6<>
>> Cassette-Transcriber-Machine-**w-Foot-Pedal-/251262957848?pt=**
>> LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=**item3a80707918<>
>> Transcriber-W-Foot-Pedal-**Microphone-AC-Adapter-/**281085867081?pt=LH_**
>> DefaultDomain_0&hash=**item417205f449<>
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