Dear All,

Stay tuned.  It will be reviewed in the ARSC Journal Recording Reviews
Section.  Not this spring but probably in the fall.

John Haley

On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 9:58 AM, Gerald Fabris <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> >But probably not Marston.
> I hadn't heard about this release via Amazon.  But, there were many of
> these
> "voice trial" cylinders that Marston and I digitized here in 1999 that
> Marston
> did not release on CD.  (Marston's "Edison Trials" CD was a "best of".)
>  Back
> then, Thomas Edison National Historical Park had a fee-free, no limits
> audio
> duplication policy.  So, they are all out and about in one way or another.
> Since then, though, the National Park Service tightened it's digital
> duplication policy, so we now must charge a fee and don't allow "bulk
> duplication".
> >BUT - while I'm here I wanted to say that the new Marston 3-CD set "Edison
> >Legacy 2" is just as wonderful as the first one with previously unissued
> >Wax  DISC masters
> I'm surprised the new Marston release has not been mentioned more here on
> ARSClist.
> -Jerry Fabris, TENHP