I checked two sites.

JJ's Radio logs has original radio schedules from different newspapers
of the period.  On those two dates, I didn't see these pieces or the
NY Phil mentioned specifically, but you might double-check all the
papers there for the dates since I might have missed something.

Goldin's site - - is a listing of radio
programs in circulation among collectors and some not in circulation.
Neither date there turned up an existing broadcast by Toscanini, but
that doesn't mean there wasn't one on either of those dates.


On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 9:21 PM, Historische Aufnahmen
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>> I am a long-time lurker on this site, learning much from all of your
>> posts.  I have a bit of a mystery I think/hope you all may be able to solve.
>> I purchased an acetate at a used record shop.  The label says it is an
>> "audiodisc recording blank, recorded at 78 rpm - 33 rpm outside in - inside
>> out"
>> Handwritten on the first side " (A portion of) Beethoven Seventh Symphony
>> in A Mjor, NY PHilharmonic, Toscanini. 9/26/47" and on the second side,
>> "Gayne Suite for Ballet , Katchaturian Saber Dance 10/2/47"
>> The Toscanini-attributed side is a large portion of the 2nd movement adn
>> it does indeed play inside out at 78 rpm.  Someone speaks before the start
>> of the Kachaturian but beats me what they say.
>> Now I have not been able to locate the NY Philharmonic performance dates,
>> so I don't know if this is a broadcast or re-recording of a commercial 78.
>> Any ideas where I might find more info?
> Many Thanks for all of your many many post which have taught much about
> records, recordings, and music.
> All best,
> Alan Carrier
> Seattle