If past history is any indication as to what we can expect...heaven help us! 
Well, I suppose I shouldn't worry...Congress is so dysfunctional that my guess 
is that they will remain clueless and be unable to come to any agreement...yet, 
I cannot help but wonder if they will have some pop culture icons and publishers 
come in and testify and who knows what will happen...well, to quote some 
immortal words, (cue the music of Saint-Saens and the voices of Frank Readick 
Jr./Orson Welles) "The Shadow knows."

Karl (who really does need to up his medication)

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Chairman Goodlatte Announces Comprehensive Review of Copyright Law
For Immediate Release
"April 24, 2013

Contact: Kathryn Rexrode or Jessica Collins, (202) 225-3951

Chairman Goodlatte Announces Comprehensive Review of Copyright Law
Washington, D.C. - Today House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte 
(R-Va.) announced that the Judiciary Committee will conduct a comprehensive 
review of U.S. copyright law over the coming months.  This announcement was made 
before the World Intellectual Property Day celebration at the Library of 
Congress. Below are his remarks as delivered:"

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