I've just checked my master tape and have this additional information t
what I previously cited.

The disks were 12" glass 78 lateral cut.  They're not as tinny as I'd
remembered & noted.
All of the sides were tracked with a G.E. VRII cartidge.  1 - 11 with a 2.5
mil truncated & 12 (the only noisy one) with a 3.0 truncated.  They were
transferred on 02-06-75.

The broadcast was sponsored by the u.S. Treasury Dept. & Produced by Carol
Crawford and John Weilberg (spellings not confirmed)

The tape's Maxell UD-50 so of course, NOTHING had to be done to render the
tape playable.

I'm going to ask the people @ Cambria about their source to determine which
(if either) has better

Art (Shiffy) Shifrin