The IMAR facility of Iron Mountain at Rosendale, NY was a former cement
mine. When Portland cement supplanted natural cement in commerce (except
for the federal goverment's specifications), the mine closed. Standard Oil
of New York developed the space in the early fifties as a bombproof shelter
for their executives. However, when ICBMs were developed, that vision
faded. I still remember the residence and office facilities that were used
for storage after Iron Mountain took over the space.


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> While we are discussing this horror, several things to remember:
> A good deal of cultural property is kept in the Iron Mountain limestone
> mine in rural NE Pennsylvania. I think the Corbus Collection of images is
> there and there is a large amount of audio-video there as well. Additional
> material is stored in a Salt Mine somewhere in Kansas, if I recall
> correctly.
> I don't know how "bombproof" the vaults are at the NAVCC in Culpepper,
> Virginia, but a good deal of our recorded heritage (audio and video) that
> is held by the Library of Congress is located there.
> But there is other good news:
> http://www.hiroshimasyndrome.**com/radiation-the-no-safe-**level-myth.html<>
>   shows that there is some benefit to low-level radiation, called hormesis
> long-term-health-effects/<>
>   does not mention hormesis, it does say that Hiroshima and Nakasaki came
> back
>   to life faster than expected.
> Let's hope nothing happens. I doubt Mr. Un has a missile with enough range
> to hit North America (well, maybe Attu).
> Regards,
> Richard
> On 2013-04-05 3:27 PM, James Roth wrote:
>> Hm-m-m.  You think we [all] deserve to be blown up?
>> The most cynical thing I can say is "Ok, but leave our recordings intact".
>> That way, the E.Ts. that visit earth after we've been eliminated might
>> have something beautiful to enjoy.
>> Is 2.25 million a realistic count?
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