There is a guy in the DC area, last name Ellis, sells better-sounding OTR. He may be only selling 
MP3 nowadays but at one time he'd sell WAV too. I'm sorry to be vague, I forgot his first name and 
contact details. He was the only source I ever found to get all of the Edward R. Murrow "Hear It 
Now" programs from 1950-51. That is my favorite non-fiction OTR show, groundbreaking in many ways, a 
touchstone for electronic journalism.

When I was a kid, I used to seek out OTR "nostalgia" shows on the radio, and sent plenty of 
paper-route money to David Goldin's Radio Yesteryear. But as an adult, I have limited interest in 
the old drama and other fiction shows. "Dragnet" and "Suspense" are OK for background noise when 
repairing something in the workshop or the like, but usually I choose music instead.

Of great interest still are "news and actuality" broadcasts. Goldin used to have some really neat 
various snippets of live events coverage that haven't been offered since. I should have bought more 
of his custom-made half-track reels, but those were $$$$$.

-- Tom Fine

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> Trying to find old radio broadcasts like these in decent condition is a pretty good trick these 
> days. I'm convinced most old radio shows on the web originate from twenty-five year old cassettes 
> that were high-speed duplicated on cheap tape and were generally a dozen generations removed from 
> the original. These cassettes are transferred into a computer using an old Radio Shack dubbing 
> deck and "restored" by guys who figure that if a little hiss reduction is good, then lots and lots 
> of it is even better. The final result is then compressed to the lowest bit rate MP3 possible and 
> posted online. And if the results are nearly unlistenable, well, one website once made the claim 
> that it was old radio. It wasn't supposed to sound good.
> Randy
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> On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 10:06 AM CDT Tom Fine wrote:
>>I think I captured those web pages. Did that website also contain a listing of the Campbell's Soup 
>>Hour broadcasts with many of the same people?
>>Mercury Theatre On The Air is my favorite fiction OTR series. I've managed to collect up most of 
>>the episodes in decent audio quality.