It would be great to have the contents of those LPs reissued on CD. I dove a little bit into this on 
behalf of the AES Historical Committee and was basically told it's a rats' nest and to steer clear. 
I was never told exactly why ...

Meantime, I'm happy to own the LPs. What I'd like to see is two CD sets, perhaps with some overlap. 
CD set 1 would be EVERYTHING surviving of the Bell Labs stereophony tests, restored to 2-channel 
stereo as best as possible. The now-famous scientists talking and walking around a room is just fine 
to be included! The other set would be ALL of the surviving Bell Labs Stoki recordings, mono and 
stereo, restored with modern tools. If the LOC owns the Bell Labs disks, this would be a very worthy 
pair of products to produce and offer via Smithsonian Folkways.

-- Tom Fine

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> My impending tome on AT&T Long Lines and the broadcast networks
> includes a decent piece on the great 1933 three-channel test of
> the Philadelphia Orchestra playing in PA and being reproduced in
> Washington's Constitution Hall.   Mark Durenberger

Tome?  Book, article, or conference presentation?  I have a copy of the
1934 booklet they put out on the introduction of the broadcast long
lines with multiple maps, photos, sample telexes, etc.

Ward Marston has said that he is dissatisfied with the transfers of the
Bell Stoki discs he did long ago and gave us a sample at NYC ARSC of
what he could do now. He also mentioned that the Bell people messed up
the second LP with reverb, EQ, etc.

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]

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>> and recording is on the agenda: