Hi Richard:

Ah the NAFTA irony! Canada is JOINED AT THE HIP to the US, but for some reason UMG/Decca considers 
the Canadian market "global" and thus you got the box sets a month early. This must date from the 
old Philips/Polygram operating companies. I'm glad you got your copy promptly.

Agree about the gatefold packages for the 2CD albums.

These retail prices mentioned in Europe and Canada are below $2/disc, so in line with how the first 
box priced "on the street."

BTW, I think someone mentioned buy a copy from -- note that the booklet essays will likely 
be in German. They printed seperate booklets for non-English markets.

-- Tom Fine

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> The basic German price is around $120 or more Canadian if I figure in conversion costs. Amazon.CA 
> delivered mine for $119.72 CAD today (free shipping). I of course had to pay 13% sales tax, but 
> I'd have to pay that plus $7.95 brokerage fee (if sent by mail, more if by UPS) if it got stopped 
> for sales tax at customs.
> It looks great! I especially like the fact that mult-disc sets are in a single fold-out inner 
> sleeve.
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>> >ie=UTF8&psc=1
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>> >The final price after the VAT reduction is 81.50 euros plus 7.98 euros
>> >shipping to USA.
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