...LDS3284, the Don Quixote Soria issue, a single disc in a slipcase, if
that counts...

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   Yes, but the RCA Victor first recording of Amahl (LM-1701) came with a
text booklet. Thus the box for the single record.

  Similar RCA Victor single LPs in boxes with enclosed printed texts
included LCT-1033 (Die Walkure Act I -- Lehmann, Melchior, Bruno Walter
etc.); LM-1217 (Treasury of Harpsichord Music -- Landowska, later repackaged
in a single standard cardboard sleeve with booklet); LM-1802 ("An Adventure
in High Fidelity"); LM-1849 (Verdi: Te Deum, Boito: Mefistofele Prologue --
Toscanini); LM-1862 (Romberg: "Deep in My Heart, Dear" -- Romberg, cond.);
and LM-1944 (Busoni: Arlecchino -- Glyndebourne Festival). So was LHMV-1007
(Purcell: Dido and Aeneas -- Flagstad et. al.). There were also the entire
issued titles in LHMV-1 through -32, single LPs in boxes with text inserts
and, in many cases, art reproductions.

  Also, the single Capitol LPs issued in boxes contained text booklets. That
included "The Orchestra" and other Stokowski titles.

  The point of the original inquiry about this, if I recall correctly,
concerned the Telefunken, Ducretet-Thomson, London International etc. LPs
issued in the USA in single boxes that contained nothing but the record in
its regular heavy paper sleeve. No printed texts.

  Don Tait



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I just came across another recording that falls into this category which I'm

sending only because there were no RCA Victor LPs in my list I sent
previously - 
Menotti's "Amahl and the Night Visitors" was released on RCA in a box with a

single LP.