IIRC, Moses Asch started as a recording engineer then started issuing on
his own label "ASCH Recording Studios", then ASCH Recordings, late 30's.
The label formed a distribution deal with Stinson Trading Corp. and some
material was issued on ASCH-STINSON label, and Asch International.
When the company went bankrupt, he formed DISC and subsidiary CUB, after
the war.  This also was bankrupt (according to some sources due to the success
of the JATP and associated recordings.  Although that sound illogical, in the
record business a big seller may cause over extension of capital requirements
and subsequent failure to recover.
  Moses Asch also was involved with SIGNATURE (Bob Thiele).
  Many Asch and Disc masters were released in the UK and Europe on MELODISC, TEMPO, possibly others.
  In the late 1940's (1947/48) FOLKWAYS was formed - Moses Asch was not allowed
to "own" the company, so Marion Distler was the nominal head.  Folkways issued
78's for a short while, but quickly turned to LP format.
  Best wishes, Thomas.

This also 
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ASCH, I think, was his first; DISC was essentially the same as ASCH, just a
different name, and later.

Lebanon, OH

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> Was DISC records the first imprint from Moe Asch?
> I love the term "diskery." We should bring that term back into common
> usage!
> -- Tom Fine
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>  Thank you Steve and Uncle Dave!
>> Can someone pinpoint the release dates - I have not found reviews or
>> release notices
>> in the few sources to which I have access.  Perhaps SCHWANN would have
>> information, or if
>> you know of other issues of these recordings on PERIOD and know those
>> issue dates, that would give
>> an upper limit to the issue date on PMG.
>> BILLBOARD Dec 3, 1949 noted the start of Period:
>> PERIOD RECORDS Bows With Exclusive LP Policy
>>  A new diskery devoted exclusively to long-playing records has
>> set up its stand in New York.  Period Records, with Frank Stevens
>> as general manager, will specialize in longhair works, beginning with
>> the release of Charles Ives' "String Quartet No.2," played by the
>> Walden String Quartet, of Cornell University.  The next release will
>> be the abridged version of Tschaikowsky's opera "Eugen Onegin."
>> The latter disking was formerly issued on shellac by DISC Records.
>> Phoenix is the metropolitan distrib.
>> Online library catalogs list 1955? or 195? - I suspect they may have been
>> earlier, as 10-inch albums faded.
>> I've found listings of the following 3 PMG albums.
>> PERIOD MUSIC GUILD PMG-2001                                     10" LP
>>  1955?
>> Program notes by B. Lebow on container.
>> CORELLI: Concerto grosso no.8 (Christmas concerto)
>> Vienna Chamber Orchestra; Anton Heiller, conductor.
>> also in PERIOD SPL 301 Showcase
>>        PERIOD SPL 540 Corelli/Vivaldi
>> PERIOD MUSIC GUILD PMG-2002                                     10" LP
>> 1950?
>> "Exclusive edition"
>> notes by B. Lebow on container.
>> CHOPIN: Concerto no.1 in E minor, op. 11
>> Branka Musulin, piano;
>> Sueddeutsches Rundfunk Symphonie Orchester; Hans Muller-Kray, conductor.
>> PERIOD MUSIC GUILD PMG 2003                                     10" LP
>> 195- ?
>> Program notes in English on container.
>> PROKOFIEFF: Overture on Hebrew themes, op. 34
>>  Paris Chamber Orchestra
>> SCHUBERT: Quartetsatz in C minor
>>  Barchet String Quartet.
>> Best wishes, Thomas.
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>> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] "PERIOD MUSIC GUILD" LP label
>> Period Music Guild was a Period mail order operation- however brief.  The
>> others are unconnected to it.
>> Steve Smolian
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>> Just noticed a couple of 10" LP releases on the PERIOD MUSIC GUILD label
>> (PMG 2001, PMG 2003)
>> Trade mark as for PERIOD RECORDS.
>> There is also a MUSIC GUILD label, later issues from ABC records.
>> Is there any connection between the two labels (e.g. did Music Guild
>> spin-off from Period, or ...) ???
>> How long did the PERIOD series last ????  Did Period evolve from Period
>> Music Guild ????
>> Any information appreciated!
>> Thanks,  Thomas.