While we are discussing this horror, several things to remember:

A good deal of cultural property is kept in the Iron Mountain limestone 
mine in rural NE Pennsylvania. I think the Corbus Collection of images 
is there and there is a large amount of audio-video there as well. 
Additional material is stored in a Salt Mine somewhere in Kansas, if I 
recall correctly.

I don't know how "bombproof" the vaults are at the NAVCC in Culpepper, 
Virginia, but a good deal of our recorded heritage (audio and video) 
that is held by the Library of Congress is located there.

But there is other good news:
   shows that there is some benefit to low-level radiation, called hormesis
   does not mention hormesis, it does say that Hiroshima and Nakasaki 
came back
   to life faster than expected.

Let's hope nothing happens. I doubt Mr. Un has a missile with enough 
range to hit North America (well, maybe Attu).



On 2013-04-05 3:27 PM, James Roth wrote:
> Hm-m-m.  You think we [all] deserve to be blown up?
> The most cynical thing I can say is "Ok, but leave our recordings intact".
> That way, the E.Ts. that visit earth after we've been eliminated might have something beautiful to enjoy.
> Is 2.25 million a realistic count?

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