Apparently, the vinyl pressing operations were not effected:

There are still many CD/DVD plants in the world, so I doubt this will constrain worldwide production 
or raise prices. Pallas's customers are SOL for now.

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Fire damages CD/DV plant and LP equipment

See below, from another fourm.
Anyone know much about the plant and/or equipement involved?
Does this have worldwide impact, like the Thailand floods had on computer
hard drive production a few years back?

Huge blaze in Diepholz last week at Pallas Group, one of the finest LP and
CD pressing plants in the world...also one of the oldest, too. Over 200
firefighters responded; no on was injured. CD/DVD replication building now
an ash heap. Some of the customer service offices were burned as well. The
record pressing plant across the street was unharmed -- thanks to favorable
winds and fast-acting fire brigades -- and LP production is ongoing as
normal, however reports from various sources indicate some
recently-acquired historical LP pressing machines may have been lost in the
inferno. Pallas owner Holger Neumann bought three Toolex Alpha 12"
Schallplatten makers three months ago in the UK. (Neumann's grandfather
founded the company 60 years ago.) They were being stored in the CD
building for refurbishment. In a February 8 interview with Frankfurter
Rundschau newspaper, he said of the archaic heavy equipment, 'They might
have been the last you could get.' And now they probably are lost as well...


Official report from City of Diepholz police, via Google Translate:

<< POL-DH: + + + major fire in the city Diepholz + production hall of a
record company completely burned + Probably more than 10 million Euro
damage + + +

01.04.2013 | 06:46 clock, Polizeiinspektion Diepholz

Diepholz (BUSINESS WIRE) - In a major fire in the city of Diepholz was
first estimate for property damage of more than 10 million euros.

Against 02:40 clock residents reported firelight on the site of a record
company. Upon arrival of the fire department, a production hall was already
in full blaze.

Overall, about 200 emergency personnel from fire and rescue services and
police were deployed.

The building was completely destroyed by the fire and burned to the ground.

At the time of the fire outbreak are no people were in the building.

The currently ongoing unloading operations Expected to last until well into
the afternoon.

Precaution, residents are asked to continue to keep windows and doors
closed. An immediate threat to the population was not, however, the fire
department conducted emission measurements.

Fire can cause currently no conclusions were made. Police seized the fire

Expected until tomorrow, Tuesday a first Brandortbegehung will be possible.

The damage amounts estimated initially at least 10 million euros.

It will nachberichtet.

For questions please contact the Press Officer of the Police Inspectorate
Diepholz under the mobile number: 0152/09480104

Please address inquiries to:

Andrik Hackmann
Police Inspectorate Diepholz
Press and Public Relations

Tel: 05441 / 971-0 (extension -104)
Mobile: 0152/09480104 >>

And here's a news report on the Radio Bremen web site, in German:

Last, a report from infamous 'vinyl enthusiast' Michael 'Mikey' Fremer's
Analog Planet blog

<< Fire at Pallas Pressing Plant Destroys CD/DVD Duplication Facility
By Michael Fremer  Posted: Apr 1, 2013

This is no April Fool's Day trick: a fire last night destroyed the Pallas
Pressing Plant's CD/DVD duplication facility. The LP factory is reportedly

Since the two plants are located across the street from one another, there
should be little if any impact upon Pallas's superb vinyl pressing facility.

However, an individual with close ties to the plant told me that two
recently imported presses that arrived from the UK a short time ago and
were being stored at the CD/DVD duplication facility may have been damaged
in the fire. Fortunately presses are remarkably robust devices so everyone
hopes for the best. >>