Many reissue LPs are made from digital files. In the better-sounding cases, the transfer is recent, 
well-done and high resolution digital. However, I can say from first-hand experience that well-made 
CD-resolution masters can be used to make exceptional-sounding LPs. Those who blindly hate all 
things digital will never agree with me on that ("it's just an LP of a CD" -- one of the dumber 
mantras out of that crowd). Those willing to listen with an open mind may be very pleasantly 

That said, there have been some very good-sounding recent LP reissues made all analog. I surmise 
that in those cases, the tapes were in superb condition. Most old tapes in the vaults are not in 
superb condition anymore, so transfer and cleanup/editing in the digital realm is needed and 
appropriate when done with taste and care.

-- Tom Fine

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Is it true that the LPs of older recordings sold on Record Store Day are processed digitally or at 
least through later technology than was used to make the original LPs?  How pure is such audio?  Who’s 
zoomin whom?

Steve Smolian