There are hundreds of used record stores in the U.S., at least one in almost every town of size along most major roads, in antique malls and group shops.  I'm in two malls in Frederick.  One has three other dealers, the other has one.  In addition, random booths have records at all speeds, depending on the proprietor's luck at recent auctions .  

Admittedly,  the casual house cleanout box of debris whose V- records are priced at book are a plague but there are many quite well informed and fair merchants in these little spaces.  In fact, today it's the most practical method for selling the more common but desirable records for most of us- without the eBay hassles.  But they are off most folk's radar.  

A directory would require continual updating.  Malls close, dealers move around, etc.  Still, assembling such a directory could make for an interesting on-line project, paper being too permanent. It could be done by geographical area.   Anyone interested? 

Steve Smolian

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This is a FANTASTIC project, something we need to get going here in the States.  We've had a couple of sessions at NY-ARSC about record stores, and I have proposed that we work on this at the collector roundtable at national ARSC for a full 2014 session.  What's even better, Leah and I are going to be in London during this exhibit! So MUCH thanks for a heads-up BEFORE we go!!!  So we'll be able to report back.

I should also bring up that Record Store Day is Sat April 20 and there are both in the U.S. and the U.K.  The U.K. site has a great store locator, and the lists of all the London record departments and stores, and the list of just Independent record stores will come in handy for us.

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