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> There is an extensive series of picture discs on the French SATURN label
> - Jewish recordings, don't know if there are others.

According to Vol 1 of The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Picture Discs by
Andre and Valerie Decerf, the 250 or so picture discs issued by Saturne
came out between 1947 and 1953.  There were MANY others besides the
Jewish recordings.

>  Adolf Hitler-Unser Fuhrer!Ansprache Des PG.Hinkel, M.D.R.
> Anyone know the dates of these ???   Thanks, Thomas.

The Decerfs ignore them because they are cardboard, not shellac. Six on
thus label are listed in the "Picture Discs of the World Price Guide"
Three others on Patria may also be Nazi, as well as seven on Der Laut. 
They give rough dates of 1927-1933 for all three labels as well as
several other German labels.  Marc Grobman seems to be the source of
info in that book for the pre-LP portion.  

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It all depends on what is meant by a "picture disc."
 There was a picture and write-up of probably the first such (1905, 
patented) in the recent issue of APS, and already cited in PHP.
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So what was the first picture disc anyway?I know there were both the 
Victors and various kiddie records from 1931 on,but something tells me
they go 
back before that. Roger