>This is an interesting development, but it's at odds with another one.
>There is a "cut the cable" movement going on as well, in which people
>drop their subscriptions to satellite and cable services in favor of
>installing antennas and getting their TV over the air.  Two forces are
>at play.  One is the high cost of cable (I have Comcast basic digital
>and it's close to $100 a month - *just* for cable TV ) and the other 
>is the proliferation of regular-definition co-channels on broadcast TV.
>These channels frequently carry content typically found on cable channels.

I dropped my cable sevveral years ago, partly because of the cost, but mostly 
because of my distaste for the tiered system of access that cable provides. When 
I did have cable, there were only a couple of "upper-tier" channels that I 
wanted to watch, and tons that I didn't want. 

I have been watching over the air for a long time now, and as long as the signal 
is strong enough, it is fine for me. 

I miss all of the excellent content on the "Premium" channels, but I could never 
afford them anyways. 

Honestly, the channels that I watch the most these days are the ones that offer 
old-school reruns. The network OTA schedule is mostly a vast wasteland, with a 
few notable exceptions.

-Matt Sohn