Unfortunately due to the greed of UK 4G mobile / cell companies, and the general incompetence of the UK Government in allocating the wrong frequencies to 4G it is likely that the 4G transmissions from phones and masts will interfere with FreeView t.v. reception.

This will effectively force viewers into expensive cable or satellite subscriptions.

Indeed for those living in condos / apartments / flats expensive cable subs. might be the only alternative. Most blocks of flats have leases that prohibit the fixing of external dishes to outer walls.

And what's the point in paying for a t.v. license when you can't actually receive the t.v. transmissions due to interference from 4G mobile / cell phones or masts?

I predict that this snafu will also cause a rise in torrent p2p file sharing of t.v. programmes - which is pretty huge already. 


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> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] The beginning of the end of broadcast TV?
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> Date: Wednesday, 10 April, 2013, 21:59
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> > That is not happening in the U.S. because as I
> mentioned in my other
> > post, TV reception has become a lot worse since the
> digital transmission
> > changeover.  
> It is happening in the US.  There have been several
> articles about
> it in TV Technology.  A friend of mine, who lives (like me)
> in
> a fringe area and had very poor analogue TV reception,
> discovered
> a couple years ago that he actually gets *better* reception
> of HDTV
> with an antenna.  He could even get some channels with a
> set-top
> antenna.  And, of course, over-the-air HD is much H'er-D
> than
> cable (especially Comcast) which compresses the hell out of
> it.
> He may be an outlier as far as improved reception goes,
> but there is real movement here in the US to go back to
> over
> the air reception.