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> Don't forget that is not our father's "AT&T" - 
> only the corporate arm of a new post-anti-trust conglomerate that had to 
> purchare the name of its longtime predecessor. Do they credit the original 
> producers of the old documentary? Nope! The 1988 production has no credits, 
> except "DSG Directions." Is that Bob Boylen's younger voice at the 
> end?

AT&T today consists of the original AT&T company that emerged
after divestiture (minus Western Electric, spun off as Lucent),
and the Baby Bells in the 20-some states that constituted the
old "Cingular" cell phone consortium (SBC especially).
It still operates local telephone operations in those states
in addition to the mobile operation which is a combination
of the former AT&T Wireless and Cingular operations.  It's as
much the "real" company as any company can be 30 years later
in time and is, for instance, far more "real" than General

I happen to know all this because I work for AT&T, but these
comments are strictly my own and in no way constitute an
official company communication.

...And I'll wrestle anyone who claims otherwise.