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Performance in the Studio
On-line conference: 29th April – 5th May 2013 at:
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Academic panellists confirmed so far include (more to follow):

Live versus Studio, Pop versus Classical, Natural versus Artificial, Authentic versus Inauthentic.
Arved Ashby (Ohio State University), Philip Auslander (Georgia Institute of Technology), Amy Blier-Carruthers (Royal College of Music), Mine Dogantan-Dack (Middlesex University), Theodore Gracyk (Minnesota State University Moorhead), Jan-Olof Gullö (Södertörn University), Morten Michelsen (University of Copenhagen), John Rink (University of Cambridge), Robert Walser (Case Western Reserve University), Simon Zagorski-Thomas (London College of Music)
[ideas] the studio

Interaction, communication, listening and hearing, distributed creativity, power and relationships, belief and magic, self, persona, timbre and sound, embodiment and the studio
Fabio Calzia (Conservatory of Music of Cagliari), Stephen Emmerson (Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University), Robert Fink (University of California Los Angeles), Linda Kaastra (University College of San Diego), Elaine C. King (University of Hull), Dan Leech-Wilkinson (Kings College London), Jonathan Neufeld (College of Charleston), Steve Savage (San Francisco State University), Albin Zak (State University of New York, Albany)
[people] the studio

Vocal practice, soloists, small ensembles, large ensembles, rhythm sections, composers and songwriters, arrangers, the studio
Amanda Bayley (Bath Spa University), Joe Bennett (Bath Spa University), Rob Bowman (York University, Toronto), Anne Danielsen (University of Oslo), Martha De Francisco (McGill University), Mark Doffman (University of Oxford), Mirjam James (University of Cambridge), Tina Ramnarine (Royal Holloway University of London), Helen Reddington (University of Westminster), Steve Waksman (Smith College)
[techniques] the studio

Improvising, performing with technology, producing performers, overdubbing, linear the studio
Eliot Bates (Birmingham University), Andrew Blake (Independent Scholar), Dave Carter (University of Tasmania), Paul Draper (Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University), Serge Lacasse (Laval University), Thomas Porcello (Vassar College), Susan Schmidt-Horning (St. John's University, New York), Toby Seay (Drexel University), Paul Théberge (Carleton University)

In addition there will be panel discussions between musicians and producers, practitioners and academics and a program of selected presentations utilising text, audio and video material and the first presentation of work by the AHRC research network on Performance in the Studio. The debates will continue throughout the week during which time you will be able to post comments and questions to the numerous panels of distinguished and expert participants.
The research network is grateful to the Association for the Study of the Art of Record Production for their material support in hosting this conference.