First: it cannot be Toscanini with the NYPSO in 1947 because the last time he conducted that orchestra (as a guest, having resigned in 1936) was the concert of January 13, 1945. 

  Second however, on page 89 of his book "Arturo Toscanini: the NBC Years" (Amadeus Press, 2002), Mortimer Frank shows the following program for the Toscanini/NBC SO broadcast of October 25, 1947:

  All Beethoven

  The Consecration of the House Overture
  String Quartet Op. 135: Lento and Vivace
  Symphony no. 7

  Perhaps that broadcast was the source of the lacquer you have -- misdated to a month earlier in 1947, September 26, and attributed to the wrong orchestra. And of course it could also be a partial dubbing of Toscanini's 1936 Victor recording of the symphony with the Philharmonic, as others have speculated.

  Don Tait




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> I am a long-time lurker on this site, learning much from all of your
> posts.  I have a bit of a mystery I think/hope you all may be able to solve.
> I purchased an acetate at a used record shop.  The label says it is an
> "audiodisc recording blank, recorded at 78 rpm - 33 rpm outside in - inside
> out"
> Handwritten on the first side " (A portion of) Beethoven Seventh Symphony
> in A Mjor, NY PHilharmonic, Toscanini. 9/26/47" and on the second side,
> "Gayne Suite for Ballet , Katchaturian Saber Dance 10/2/47"
> The Toscanini-attributed side is a large portion of the 2nd movement adn
> it does indeed play inside out at 78 rpm.  Someone speaks before the start
> of the Kachaturian but beats me what they say.
> Now I have not been able to locate the NY Philharmonic performance dates,
> so I don't know if this is a broadcast or re-recording of a commercial 78.
> Any ideas where I might find more info?
Many Thanks for all of your many many post which have taught much about
records, recordings, and music.

All best,
Alan Carrier