Hello Chris,

It's a big question. I'm also following with attention the evolution of the global situation and I'm very worried and concerned. I'm French but I live and work as researcher in North Spain.

We know that Spain can be also targeted by nuclear missiles in case of general war because of the existence of US aeronaval bases in the South of the country.

I'm afraid that the archives are not a priority in such general military clash.

In France, all the most important archives are partially keeped safe in the INA's "silo" in marne-la-Vallée.

How is the situation in the USA?


R. Parejo-Coudert

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>It has been opined that the Internet was designed to survive a nuclear
>war. Hmm - seems like we are about to find out with spoilt brat / runt
>Kim thingy in N.K. having hissy fit tantrums.
>However if Washington is to be targeted then hopefully the LOC will have
>its archives well protected - right?