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Date: Saturday, April 6, 2013, 6:26 AM

On 05/04/2013, Chris J Brady wrote:

> Paul - precisely. And that is why I am also concerned about London
> (UK) and the UK. We have NO such archive stores in deep mountains. We
> do not have a LOC. We do have a few disused deep tube tunnels. CJB
The National Gallery and other great museums in London are very
vulnerable. During WW II the paintings in the National Gallery were
moved out to (I think) mines in Wales - and Myra Hess organised concerts
in the gallery. 

Another point is the campaign to return artefacts to their country of
origin - Ancient Egyptian stuff back to Egypt and so on. I think this is
wrong as it would concentrate all the remains of a culture in one place. 

Don Cox
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