I came to the Library of Congress in September 1991 to begin an internship.  LC has been educating me for almost 22 years.  I owe deep thanks to all the colleagues and supervisors who have challenged me and supported me with patience, kindness, and a sense of humor.  Now it's time for me to graduate from my internship.  Officially, I'm announcing my retirement at the end of May, but it's easier to think about matriculating to a new course of study.

It's been my privilege to work with dedicated and fascinating people at the Library of Congress and in the international library community, and to watch the growth and development of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging.   Technology enabled the spread of cooperative cataloging over the past two decades, but the hundreds of people lending skills and leadership are the phenomenal force behind its success.  Thanks to all our partners for bringing me along on this fantastic ride.

Judith Cannan has asked my very capable colleague, Jessalyn Zoom, to lead the BIBCO program, and the rest of the Cooperative Programs Section will provide support for these and other tasks.  In the various RDA webinars, PCC partners undoubtedly recognize how well they will be served by Jessalyn and my other colleagues.

At noon on June 6th, I'll sing a concert of operatic choruses with the LC Chorale in the Coolidge Auditorium, Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress.  Please come and hear us-a swan song for me, but the continuation of a very treasured musical experience for all of us in LC Chorale.

In June, I'll relocate to my hometown in Erie, Pennsylvania, where my octogenarian parents are eager to welcome back a boomerang daughter.  Music, birding, family, and friends await me there, and I expect to find opportunities to dabble in library or museum activities.

I'll share with you what I've been saying for years to my folks each time I've left Erie, "It's not because the work is done--it's not because the fun is over-but time is up."

At least for this course...

Carolyn R. Sturtevant
BIBCO Coordinator
COIN/Cooperative Programs Section
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540-4320
voice: 202.707.4551
fax: 202.252.2082
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