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we currently provide RDF/XML instead of turtle because of internal technical changes in our conversion tool (I should have mentioned it, sorry). 
We do know that there is the requirement of having the data in turtle and plan to provide dumps for the GND and the bibliographic data in both serializations. 

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Julia Hauser

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>Betreff: Re: [BIBFRAME] Updated GND dump available with links to DBpedia,
>Wikipedia and STW
>Bernhard Eversberg writes:
>> Ah, I'm sorry, I mixed up the figures! The RDF file is the larger one.
>> Is there, by the way, any software that would convert RDF into Turtle,
>> and also change the &#nnn; entity notations into UTF-8?
>The Apache Jena rdfcat utility will to this, assuming the inputs are valid. With the
>previous GND dump there were a handful of Turtle statements that were invalid.
>Converting the entities to UTF-8 is a bigger issue. Again, in the previous release, the
>data often contains entities that are not part of the W3C's list of XML entities,
>- &nsb;    - ISO 6630 control for NON-SORTING CHARACTER(s), BEGIN -> U+0098
>- &nse;    - ISO 6630 control for NON-SORTING CHARACTER(s), END -> U+009C
>- &ptacc;  - U+0323 COMBINING DOT BELOW, "punct als accent"
>It was also common for &nse; to appear in the data with the trailing ';'
>missing. There were also cases where a space was missing after an ampersand
>leading to failures when attempting to decode entities, e.g.,
>"Pietsch, Heinz Dieter &Getty-Ulan"
>> And it would be really nice to learn why there are these differences
>> instead of a stable download format. Wonder what it will be the next
>> time...
>Yes, I'd prefer Turtle of RDF/XML, since all of my tools for processing this expect
>Turtle already. :-)
>Tom Emerson
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>EBSCO Publishing
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