> may invlidate our METS documents should there be a new release of the schema.
Is not this a really useful feature? It gives an opportunity to apply the 
XSLT to update the METS documents without needless procrastination in case 
this update has not been done in time. I assume that will 
continue to be well-tested and updated to make this conversion really 
easy. Using crontab could even help switch some symlink(s) to (the 
director(y|ies) to) the converted files exactly at the time when the new 
schema is to be considered official. How could a schema update be made 
easier and more failsafe?

> the third version of EAD is expected to be released in 2014.
I read 2014 here.

According to the links above, the upcoming release will take place in 
2013. Some update and / or clarification may be needed.

Does anyone knows whether XSDL version 1.1 will be used for ead.xsd?